Top 5 Future Marketing Must Knows

Key takeaways from the Marketing Nation Summit

Not everyone has the time (or the money!) to attend lengthy conferences. This is especially true for small to medium sized business owners. Never fear, we've put together a list of the top 5 takeaways from the recently held Marketing Nation Summit, which is one of the most anticipated marketing conferences in the world.

What do your customer's see cross-device?

1. Technology & Marketing Never before has the relationship of advertising technology and marketing been so important. At the core of this, lies the customer experience. The customer's experience needs to be the focus of every single touch point. No longer can we consider a single ad, or single impression. The entire end to end experience needs to be considered. Moreover, this is for the lifetime of your customer's interaction with your brand.

Things to consider - Does your digital footprint (website design, social posts etc) reflect your physical footprint (store merchandising, signage etc)? Do you 'look' the same across every channel your customer's interact with you on?

2. Know Your Customer

We now have access to so much more customer data than we ever have had access to before. Tying this data together and understanding it is crucial in every business' marketing plan. Having a single customer view, or not having more than one record in our systems about the one customer, helps us better understand their needs, wants and desires. Understanding their needs, helps us solve their problems and solving problems is what great marketers do.

Things to consider - How does your data stack up? Have you got a single customer record for every one of your customers? Or is your database a bit of a mess?

3. Customer Experience Is Still King

Customer feedback has never been more important

Not a groundbreaking revolution - but still one of the most important takeaways. If your customer's are not having an exceptional experience with you and your brand, they will go elsewhere. Technology has made our ability to connect with consumers much easier, but it has also enabled our customer's to disconnect from us much easier as well. Every touch point must be considered, from the very first interaction.

Things to consider - Do you ask your customer's for feedback on their experience with your business? No? Why not? They are after all the very people you are trying to please. Exceptional email marketing or data driven digital marketing are the perfect channels for this.

4. Are Your Staff Aligned?

Often business' find that their marketing looks and sounds great, but they are still not getting the repeat business they need to maintain a sustainable customer base. Remember it costs five times more to generate new leads, then it does to nurture existing ones. Many businesses lose out on repeat business due to a miscommunication or complete lack-there-of communication within the business itself. To create a consistent and meaningful customer experience, everyone (from sales right through to accounts) needs to embody your brand. If your people are not brand ambassadors, no matter where they sit on the org chart, your customer's experience will suffer.

Things to consider - Does every one of your staff know your business USP's? Have you briefed them on how you want each and ever customer to feel when they interact with your business? If not, time to call that office meeting.

Collaborative marketing teams are the makers or breakers of revenue generation

5. The Role of Marketing is More Important Than Ever Shocker right? Who would have thought this would come out of a marketing conference? Jokes aside though, it's true. Marketing is not a glitter and glue department, they are not a cost centre, they are a revenue and growth contribution heavyweight. Business driving and engagement now falls on the marketing efforts of a company, no matter how large or small that company may be. This means that every business needs to have their people focussed on marketing, and a dedicated marketing budget to go along with this.

Things to consider - How much time do you dedicate to marketing your business every week? Have you blocked out your calendar to focus on the generation of new business? If you're time poor, outsource it! Engaging with a marketing consultant is a great way to extend your team, without committing to a full-time resource.

Kristy Stevens | Konvert Consulting

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